A Few Wishes for 2015

I won’t write a long, reflective post about one of the most influential years of my young life, mostly because I’m in bed sick.

2014 was the year of transition for me.

I just have a few simple wishes for 2015:

May I continue to live a life of purpose and may the Universe continue to provide opportunities for me to do my LIFE-WORK.

I also wish to continue to walk in my truth and live a life that is authentic and vulnerable.

I wish for a year of deeper and more transformative love. The kind of love I know I am worthy of.

I wish for more peace and closure for all of those who feel stuck and unable to move forward.

I wish anyone I may have unintentionally hurt in 2014 finds it in their hearts to forgive me.

Sending you all love and light.

Here’s to closing a chapter and starting the next one.