A Love Note For You

I know Valentine’s Day can be especially difficult for some people so I wanted to write a brief love note for you all.

Dear You,

Thank you for existing—for being resilient in the midst of your struggles. Your energy adds such a bright light to this world and you must never dim it for anyone. Remember that all the right people, the people who you are intended to receive from, love you. So instead of dwelling on the person who rejected you or refused to love you in accordance to your worth, focus on the people who sincerely love you.

Know that you are so worthy and I can’t wait to see how you continue to bloom. The difference your life will make for those who aspire to be as strong and brave as you will be worth more than you can possibly begin to comprehend. Please continue to be daring and continue to follow your path.

While you and I may never meet, I want you to know that I love you because regardless of our differences, we all are connected by the experiences that make us human—imperfect, flawed, and nuanced—we’ve endured. We all deal with our own kind of suffering and we are all trying to recover. I love you for your willingness to share your truth. I love you for your willingness to put in the work and help others regardless of your circumstances. I love you for being true to yourself.

In case no one told you recently or ever, you are enough. Your effort is enough. Your story is enough. Your truth is enough. Please don’t feel the need to be anyone other than who you authentically are.

With Love,


PS: never give up on love—sometimes we have to sort through our baggage before we can make space for the kind of love that can fill us up with positivity and goodness.