An Open Letter to My Anchor

Dear Anchor,

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”—Hebrews 6:19

I am taking part in the 30 Day Open Letter Challenge and each day for the next month I have to write an open letter as designated by the Challenge. Today is Day 1, “an open letter to a significant other (or future significant other)”.  I decided to write this letter to you, the one who continues to serve as an anchor when the waves of life begin to be too much.

When I reflect back on our friendship, the years I spent learning to appreciate your love for EDM or your obsession with video games and techy stuff, I can’t help but laugh. On the surface, we couldn’t be any more opposite. You are this giant of a man, luckily a gentle one, and I am this 5’4 guy. Even in heels, I don’t come close to your 6’6 frame. You’re a logical thinker—you make decisions from a cerebral space; I am an artist—I make decisions from a heart space. I have a dramatic flair and you are one of the most sarcastic people I have ever met. You’re sorta funny, okay, funnier than me, but in that kind of dry humor kind of way. I tend to be too serious but somehow our friendship balances me out. You tend to be too “go with the flow” and I’m like, “some structure would make life a bit easier.”

The one thing we both have in common besides being brilliant and caring people, is that we can’t sing to save our lives. Yet, somehow we manage to sing anyway, as horrible as it may sound and it makes me laugh every time. As annoying as you can be at times, as frustrating as it may be that you aren’t great at expressing your emotions or being vulnerable, I’ve come to understand that you are always there when it counts.

I’m overly emotional (no shocker there)! Throughout the years you’ve continued to meet me with empathy, even if what you really want to do is throw your cell phone and scream. You endure the waves and the downpour of my personal storms. You put up with my mood swings and my indecisiveness. You make me a better man because you continue to show me that even in my darkest hour, I am worthy of love. I don’t think I tell you this enough, but thank you.

Recently when I found out that my close friend has an illness, you were the first phone call I made. Clearly distraught and inaudible, you virtually held space for me to cry, you knew exactly what to say to get me grounded again. When my mind starts to overthink, you drop the anchor and force me to just be in the moment.

I don’t know what the future will bring for the two of us but the one thing I know for certain is this: we will always be able to depend on one another. We will always be there to share our shame and struggles with one another. To meet one another with empathy and when things get really rough, be prepared to bust out in a song because we both know our voices are horrendous.

You know I am a firm believer in making the most of our time because tomorrow isn’t promised, but I’m trying to learn to enjoy the experience of being out at sea with no clear understanding of my surroundings.

Thank you for being one of my best friends, for being a lover, and most importantly for being my anchor.

With Love,